…helps me calculate my chances of winning a deal and more importantly helped me understand what I needed to do differently in order to win.
Before, I thought I had covered all the bases when in reality there were many gaps in my approach.  By addressing the gaps identified, the client was really impressed that I had gone the extra mile to understand their business and priorities and link my solution to those strategies.
Greg Schinkel of Raleigh, North Carolina
I find that I'm much more prepared for a sales call. I know exactly what information I need to get from the prospect and what I have to do to move the prospect along. And, believe it or not, the prospect appreciates it as well; I'm not wasting their time and I can zero in on their needs and how I can satisfy them. 
Carol Porter of Sacramento, California
...all of my prospect meetings are much more productive and there are fewer of them needed to close the sale.
Frances S. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
My manager and I never seemed to have enough time for in-depth strategy discussions. Now she can review the analysis ahead of time and we can focus on selling strategies and not whether or not I have done this or that. ... I now spend more time in the field, selling"
Frances S. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
I recently analyzed a deal and came back with a complete analysis of my sales strategy, but what was most important to me was the SWOT analysis. It showed where I was at risk… 

Carlos Garcia of Dallas, Texas




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Together we select one of you most critical deals, analyst it using our AI assistance software, then debrief you on the findings.
Altogether it takes about 3 hours for the diagnostic and prescriptive discussion.

Coaching you through the deal optimizes your probability of successfully forecasting and winning he deal. It is possible the deal is unwindable, and we will advise you to walk away, showing you the reasons why you would stop investing in this deal.

We can provide a team critical deal assessment on a one time or on an ongoing basis under subscription. This service ensures that standards for deal qualification, pipeline management, and forecasting are met. Profit results, as competitiveness improves.