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Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Listened to




Confusion, Concern, Conflict

What used to work to attract customers and new leads no longer works well enough. Sales and marketing approaches demand more resources, produce less, and frustrate everyone. Survival, let alone growth is threatened in many cases.

Its no wonder you're concerned, confused, or conflicted about what to do, and how to do it. The way people gather, process, and use information to make buying decisions has changed a lot, and thanks to Google getting found is changing faster than ever. Hundreds of times per year - its a lot.
Keeping up is very difficult.



Does sales advocate (push) or pull (inquire)?
Is sales telling people what they already know?
Do they explain things the customer has already researched?
Do customer leave frustrated having learned nothing new?
Are customers Feeling like they wasted their time?



Is your marketing copy all about you?
Does it resemble thinly veiled product propaganda?
How is the customer's best interests represented?
Is content linked to your competition and customers?
Do you really know your customer's intent?


Change is Hard!

Traditional sales and marketing is based on information scarcity and presentation skills. We tell you whats good, you buy, we make money. Worked well before the telephone was invented. Hasn't changed much, making show and tell out of step with the buyer.

Factors far outside your control are making it difficult to compete for attention, engage prospects, motivate them, and have them buy your stuff. Selling is not something you do to your prospects, its what you must do with them. Know what they want and need to succeed!

Sale and marketing tends to lag the market in most companies, regardless of size. A solid commitment to the past, to what worked yesterday, or when things we're really good is a commitment to failure. Customer expectations exist in the present, and you must align.

Fight, Flight, or Freeze

When what used to work no longer works. when your knowledge and skill set become ineffective, frustration sets in and most people freeze up. They do nothing, and try to run out the clock. It rarely works - your burn rate stays high, morale suffers, and growth is sacrificed on the alter of indecision and insecurity. Its no fun. And I do feel your pain, after spending tens of thousands of dollars on web sites that we're pretty, yet produced nothing, and investing in SEO consultants that couldn't keep up with Google's change of pace. Few can.

Business in the modern era is all about the value you can prove, deliver, and convert to repeat business.

Stay out of the flight and freeze stage.
Get the fight back into your revenue growth.

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"Its not that the Big eat the Small, its that the Fast eat the Slow!"
Adam Morgan
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Our Process

Schedule a Call

Let's talk about your business, expectations, and next steps.

Simplify to Clarify

We'll collaborate with you to:

  • simplify and clarify your message
  • align your message with sales, marketing, service, and search
  • add value to everyone
  • help you implement and win

Grow your Business

Success goes in many forms including improved Financial Gain, Quality of Life, Confidence, and Optimism.

Messages Stuck?

Your messages get stuck when the 'old brain' can't see, hear, or makes sense of them very quickly. Some call it neuro marketing. If its not about survival or a relevant threat, its not likely to get thru.

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Boring story?

Is this going to be a long story?
Few people ever say that while still politely checking out. Eyes glazed over, they've left the room and tuned you out. In presentations, coughing, yawning, and feet shuffling are early indicators you are losing your audience.

Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Listened to

This is a great quote from Oprah about what people really want intuitively and emotionally. If all three of these we're true for your brand's Message and Search you would be more competitive, more profitable, more successful.

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Build Trust, Committment, Growth

How? It starts with a clear message that connects with your prospects and customers. Messages that are relevant, credible, valuable, and timely. If its going to get through the noise, it has to be about survive or thrive.


FUD is short for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It shows up as hesitation, delay, and indecision. And there is no good reason for it other than the fact that not much of your sales and marketing seems to work very well, or for very long.If you want to be hear, seen, and listened to, your going to need message clarity embedded in marketing, sales, search, and service.

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Imagine how you'd feel if going to work every day was a lot more FUN, the people that dropped by actually wanted your stuff, and you weren't ground to dust on every deal. What would it feel like to be highly valued and sought after by your market? It would feel great, that's how. Life's too short to not have any fun! Lets get started.

True Cost of Indecision

The first cost of indecision is Time. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt causes people to delay until circumstances force a decision. The second cost is leadership trust and credibility which becomes suspect the longer indecision prevails. This affects staff, stakeholders, partners, and customers - you just don't look like you're in charge. The third cost is energy - you need to do more to stay competitive. The fourth cost is money - you need to spend more to catch up. And finally the frustration that builds creates a negative work and living condition. We can guide you through the process of getting deliberate control and creating certainty

Vision and Strategy without Execution is well planned nightmare.
There are many questions that matter such as:
Talent: Do I have the Right Team?
Roadmap: Metrics & KPIs?
Technology: Do I have the right Tools?
Data: Do I know whats right and wrong with the present state?

GoTo Market Strategy

Risk is a byproduct of uncertainty, of not really knowing then guessing.
Do you understand your controllables,?
Are you adapting fast enough to Market changes?
What is your contingency for handling them?
Risk Factors

Risk is a byproduct of uncertainty, of not really knowing then guessing.
Do you understand your controllables,?
Are you adapting fast enough to Market changes?
What is your contingency for handling them?
Risk Factors

Risk is a byproduct of uncertainty, of not really knowing then guessing.
Do you understand your controllables,?
Are you adapting fast enough to Market changes?
What is your contingency for handling them?
Risk Factors