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To Deliberate is to Decide

To deliberate is to consider, to compare, to evaluate, and ultimately take a decision. DeliberateSelling is about arriving at great decision that benefits the buyer and the seller.

B2B Buying and Selling is a group process. It can be 1-1, 1-many, many-1, or many-many.

The key to effective group process is facilitation. Buyers need help in acquiring solutions to relevant problems. They need help in dealing with the dynamics of what they believe, feel, think, and do.

Many purchases of solutions require intense interactions between people who have never bought the kind of solution required by the organization.

Sellers tend to be very good at presentation and questions focused on identifying ‘pain’. Yet not so good at what needs to take place behind the scene.

Sellers need to be excellent at facilitating the many decisions required to reach a consensus decision, and commitment to following through to implementation.

DeliberateSelling is committed to helping sales organizations shift the focus from presenting the available information everyone already has, to facilitating the decision to move forward, or just as valid, to move on.

Its remarkable what a difference this makes.

A Decision to Buy is a Decision to Change.
Geoff Thull

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