FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • We take pride in being excellent closers.
    As John Wooden said, “It’s what you learn after you know everything that counts.” We invite you to think like a true champion – never complacent with the status quo and always ready to learn what increases your profit and financial health.
  • Can't we do what you do ourselves?
    Although your company may have extremely capable people who have always done their best, there are specific tools and specialized “10,000 hour” skills employed by our subject matter experts that cannot be duplicated.

    We have never seen our practices duplicated by any company’s in-house staff.

    Even if you have used outside consultants recently and think you’ve gotten all the “low hanging fruit,” our confidential analysis will still uncover substantial opportunities for improving the trajectory of your must-win-deals..
  • What are unqualified opportunities?
    Opportunities that fail to meet the criteria for being in the forecast.

    Many deals deserve to be in the funnel or pipeline, yet do not meet the threshold needed for successful commitment.
  • Will we need to change CRM and Marketing software suppliers?
    Most companies prefer to stay with their valued CRM and Marketing software suppliers – why needlessly disrupt those relationships?

    With our process you maintain those quality relationships while ensuring that you close more large, game changing, and significant deals than before.
  • What is our best upside?
    Depending on the current win rate and pursuit budget for your must-win-deals. Most companies win about 50% of them, frequently less. You have a potential doubling of your win rate on the most critical deals.
  • How much executive time will be needed?
    Assuming you approve of the recommendations shown in our confidential report, your total executive time is limited to 5-6 hours (about two hours each month for three months). Staff time invested is also a manageable eight hours per month, mostly through 1-1 coaching on real live deals.
  • What size of business do you work with?
    DeliberateSelling will benefit the leader of any organization wanting large, sustainable increases in cash flow, profit, and market value.

    With proven expertise in large companies with thousands of employees and the flexibility to bring large gains to smaller companies,

    DeliberateSelling will benefit the leader of any organization wanting large, sustainable increases in cash flow, profit, and market value.
  • Do I need to open my books and share sensitive information?
    No, you don’t. We do not audit your books or comb through any sensitive or confidential information.
  • Does DelibrateSelling do Process Improvement?
    No. While it can be worthwhile, the results don’t always justify the time, energy, and human capital invested. Our focus is on coaching your executives on winning critical deals, monitoring their progress, and helping them course correct when needed.
  • What if we already have consultants?
    Our flexibility enables us to show you where to gain significant critical deal revenue improvement without duplicating work done by your consultants.
  • Are here any geographical limitations on working with DeliberatSelling?
    DelibrateSelling provides our full range of services in all 50 American states and Canadian companies, and other English speaking jurisdictions.
  • Isn't our company too small?
    Companies of all sizes are eligible for many of DeliberatSelling's proprietary DealGuard Coaching program. Whatever the size of your company, you will benefit from adding significant must-win-deal profits to your bottom line.
  • Isn't this a waste of time? Are there any upfront costs?
    NO and NO!
    DeliberateSelling does all of the heavy lifting. We require a minimum amount of executive and staff time to develop a clear and accurate picture of your critical deals forecast pipeline. We thoroughly prepare all of the reports and documents of probably wins and avoidable losses.

    We also identify and report on un-winnable and unworthy deals.
  • Can you guarantee that we will win every must-win-deal?
    We guarantee the you will be more competitive in every deal you choose to pursue. We make you aware of the money to be gained and let you decide if you want to obtain it.
  • Will we need to change vendors?
    The easiest way to save money is without changing suppliers. Our process ensures you get revenue while maintaining the relationships you’re already comfortable with. We also make you aware of reputable alternatives so that you are fully informed regarding your best options.
  • How much should we expect to gain?
    A well run company should expect to see an upward swing to 95% of their critical or must-win-deals. This will go straight to its bottom line every year. For many companies, this result produces a 3% to 10% jump in equity value worth millions of dollars for the ownership.
  • Do you need to look at our books or other sensitive information?
    We don’t need to look at your books or audit any sensitive information since that is more of a CRM/Marketing stack function.




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Together we select one of you most critical deals, analyst it using our AI assistance software, then debrief you on the findings.
Altogether it takes about 3 hours for the diagnostic and prescriptive discussion.

Coaching you through the deal optimizes your probability of successfully forecasting and winning he deal. It is possible the deal is unwindable, and we will advise you to walk away, showing you the reasons why you would stop investing in this deal.

We can provide a team critical deal assessment on a one time or on an ongoing basis under subscription. This service ensures that standards for deal qualification, pipeline management, and forecasting are met. Profit results, as competitiveness improves.