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Be the Rainmaker you always wanted to be.

Have you ever noticed how some sales professionals are confident, relaxed, and successful.
The top 7% of sales people are elite, extremely successful at selling, followed by another 9% of seriously successful sales people.

They have more time, are invited in everywhere, take vacations, and have better stuff. These people exist in every industry whether its in recession or not. Some people always find a way.

That's the world you should live in, and could, once you learn the one essential skill.

But that's Not How things are For You, is it?

A lot of people don't close their sales leads and don't realize how easy it is to fix it.

Many marketers and sales people still promote BANT, a qualifying process designed for high demand low competition methods. Other have absolutely no system at all, which is even worse! When you qualify using BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing), or Fail to Qualify, you lose big:

Chasing UnQualified Prospects? Here's what you lose:

Peace of Mind

You might even lose your job, career, or business.
When you can't forecast revenue with some certainty, your business life spirals downward while stress goes up. Do you find your self with a pipeline that never closes? Or closes for smaller deals that take forever to close? Are you having too many No Decisions? Is missing your sales forecast causing you, your boss, or the business owner heartburn?

This is entirely fixable, will create profits, and get you the success you seek.

Get Paid Well your Most Valuable Asset

You can replace just about anything, but not Time.

Few sales people are good at qualification, and too few sales managers and business owners have a productive system for it. We do, and we'd like to help you improve your professional and personal lives by qualifying better, closing more, and cashing in.

We don't just care about Sales.

We care about you.

How it Works

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We have plan designs for sales people, consultants, vp/sales directors and Business Owners. The core is common, with variations for all.

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Our plans are based on the notion of a subscription. Change is not easy, takes time, reinforcement , support, tools, and techniques. Subscribe for success.
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Its a concise little read with some great tips about how to improve your close rates, and convert those marketing investments into revenue.

You can download 
6 Keys to Closing here

We offer coaching and consulting on this topic, and hope you will find us to be a valuable resource.
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It is wrong to suppose that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – a costly myth.
W. Edwards Deming