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Sales Management Coaching

Sales Management, Front Line Sales Management, Sales Directors, and small company VP Sales have an incredibly difficult job. There need to manage up to the Executive layer, sideways to their customers, and always to their direct reports.

The skill required for sales management include selling, yet being good at sales is about 10% of a sales manager's job.

We help fill in the blanks that invariably occur, with predictable negative impact.

VP Sales / Directors

You might be a new team leader, or on the job for a while and are doing ok. Just ok. You imagine so many areas for improvement, yet cannot decide which one to start with, or are simply challenged with the change management of it all. You are in a system that does not welcome change readily, yet you know something has to give.

Your choice is to survive and thrive. At a minimum you must survive.

Consultant Practice Leaders

The majority of consulting practice leaders tend to be subject matter experts that have been perennial rainmakers, thought leaders, and charismatic actors in their consultancy.
Similar to great sales people, they need to convert their 'disciples' into rainmakers, just as they did themselves so many years ago.

Left unattended, this rarely works out for the best.


Many business owners cut the air teeth in low supply high demand environments where competition was local, and the options were few.

The internet barely affected their customers supply chains, and what mattered most was the relationship with customer management.

That relationship is still important, yet the rate of change in buying behaviour, marketing communications, and actual selling is leaving many in the dust.

Sales Management Coaching will help owners and executives adapt their beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and practices to meet the present day challenge, while preparing for the future.


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