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Sales Coaching

Our Sales Coaching service is designed to enhance the understanding, skills, approaches, methods, processes, and capabilities essential to generating revenue.

Programs are tailored to individual, team, and organizational requirements, and are dependant on situation, markets, buyer-seller relationship, and other critical factors.
Intensity and frequency of each program is determined in a collaborative fashion within the diagnostic and program design phases.

Delivery of each program is a combination of in person, phone, and teleconference in both a 1-1 and 1-many sessions. Sessions range in duration from 30 - 120 minutes with frequency ranging from weekly to bi-monthly as scheduled.
Email and Text support is also provided.

Sales People

Coaching for sales people starts with the belief that excellence in selling is the end goal for the sales person. Many are in it to just make a living, and do not treat it as a true profession.

Our approach to sales coaching is to help neutralize weakness, while improving strengths as much as possible within resource constraints.

Each of which is dependent on superb communication skills, qualification, meeting management, decision making/getting, and facilitation.

In the modern era, facilitating the buyers decision is ‘the’ skill that drives results.


Consultants are always in a tough position - caught between delivering excellent professional services when they have a gig, they also need to be putting new opportunities in and thru the pipeline. Most consultants are good at their chosen discipline, yet few ever trained for sales.

The result is many consultants approximate and copy out of date sales practices that hinder their ability to close new business. Our program is designed to help consultants facilitate buying while eliminating the many defunct practices that hinder performance.


Business Owners in startups have a unique opportunity and responsibility to acquire new customers, yet most owners have limited experience in selling. This is particularly true with technology startups. Business owners in mature or late stage companies are brought back into the sales role dues to changes in market circumstance, and frequently have sales skills appropriate for another era. We work in collaboration to develop modern era skills and capabilities.


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