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Use Conversational Fluency to Win More Business

Talking with prospects in the language they use about what matters the most to them brings sales success.
What matters most to them is reflected in metaphor and in word, aligning with the goals and expectations of their role. There are always things prospective customers want to achieve and to avoid.

Conversational Fluency is the ability to speak to issues relevant to your prospects in terms of the value they want, need, and recognize. In B2B three (3) easy to understand levels of value combine with three (3) simple categories of value enabling sales and marketing to enter the buyers world. Align this intersection with the types of buyers at each intersection, and you are off to the races.
Selling to end users is very different from selling to middle managers, and of course very different from the C-Suite. They each want, need, and use value in sharp contrast with each other. Your defined value is not static, and simply mouthing a static value proposition in a meeting will deem you irrelevant, and lead to a quick exit.

Conversational Fluency is not difficult to achieve, yet does require time, energy, and due diligence.
Your offerings provide business value worth talking about with the people who will benefit. Map it out, practice, and prepare for buyer relevant conversations, and Win More business.
Up and down, Side to Side, Fast and Slow - Conversational Fluency is Dynamic.
Think movement, not Activity.


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