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Have you ever noticed how many sales hiring ads avoid the word "Sell"?

The ads read like "Develop", "Build", "Interact " and "Engage". Ads using these words avoid the word Sell as if its the plague.

The authors seem to think that Sales is a Dirty Word, although I wonder if they know where their paycheques come from. If nobody sells anything, nobody gets paid, the company goes broke, and nothing good comes of it.

If we accept (and we don't) the notion that is artistic license and free expression, there are consequences. First these authors communicate that their business culture is Anti-Sales; that sales is seen as a 2nd tier necessary evil of marginal value. Secondly, these ads tell potential candidates that they don't really have to sell, to hunt, qualify, close, drive revenue. What they need to do is be agreeable, and see if business happens. Well good luck with that.

The ad writers often feel that the candidate pool will shrink if they use the word "Sell" and it might be true, But at least it will be full of people who believe they know how to, and are capable of selling. Instead what they get are people who can engage, collaborate, build relationships, and maybe even team Great - a fat funnel full of people who are great to hangout with, yet are not qualified or even all that committed to selling.

Back to basics, if you need people to sell, you need people who can Hunt, Qualify, Consult, Build a Business Case, and Close. Advertise for those people, the kind that can do more than navigate. Your business depends on it.


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