Value Segmentation

In an ideal world. complex things would not only appear simple, they would be.
We promote a segmentation model based on 4 discrete elements that when combined crate a distinct and unique category we call a value segment.

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Are you Selling what you're Marketing?

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Do Customers buy In Spite of you?

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Does Marketing create Executive Buyers?

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Does Sales know the Voice of Customer?

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Will Customers agree you Create Value?

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Does Marketing have a Value Story?

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Can they Prove it? ($,%,#)

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Does Sales have a Penetration Message?

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Would things change if they did?

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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Misalignment causes Friction, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Delays result, excessive due diligence increases, and the cost of doing nothing compounds exponentially. And it causes it in your markets. with prospects, with existing customers, and your staff. Investors in your company become acutely aware that the words and music no longer match. They want to know what your doing about it.

Common Symptoms

    • Increasing Cost per Order Dollar
    • Low Conversion Rates
    • Lengthening Sales Cycles
    • Terrible Close Rates
    • Cash Flow Problems
    • High Sales Staff Turnover
    • Customer Churn
    • Performance KPIs Slip
    • Marketing Spend way Up
    • Revenue Performance still flat

    • Revenue Performance still flat
    • Service revenue > License Revenue
    • Margins Compress
    • Financials Worsten
    • Forecasting is a crapshoot
    • Stakeholder confidence shaken
    • Banks want more security
    • Working Capital insufficient
    • Company Value diminishes
    • Vultures circle overhead

    If your first thought is that declining performance is a personnel problem, and you need to kick some ass to move things along, you're probably making a mistake.

    You most likely have a strategy no longer in step with current realities. Customers, Channels, Offerings, Value, and Messaging all need to be headed in the same direction.

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