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Selling to Personas is a Big Mistake

Market to personas but sell to people. If you and/or your company are doing it the other way around, or conflating the two, that’s a big mistake, and heres why….

The 4Fs - FUD, Friction, Failure, Firing

You may have heard of Form and Function from the Bauhaus movement.
There’s another movement - the 4F movement. Nothing to do with farming, I promise.

When companies miss plan, don’t make the number, and otherwise disappoint, the 4Fs will surely follow. The 4Fs are…

Qualified For What?

We all get to hear the term qualified for the majority of Sales & Marketing activities.

Many assume it means the prospect is either a waste of time, or they are worth investing Time, Energy, & Money in pursuit of winning their business.

Use Conversational Fluency to Win More Business

Talking with prospects in the language they use about what matters the most to them brings sales success.
What matters most to them is reflected in metaphor and in word, aligning with the goals and expectations of their role. There are always things prospective customers want to achieve and to avoid.

Define Value to Sell Value

On the surface, it seems that established brands are always improving their products, taking them to market, and selling them. Makes sense right? Its good practice for them. It makes total sense when adding incremental value, to get the new and improved message out to the world.

For entrepreneurs, its a bad idea…

Revenue Growth - Existing Customers

Revenue Growth is the focus of an incredible volume of marketing technology, bloggers, and goto market prognostication. Its an ever present challenge for every company that survives startup, and for many underfunded startups as well. Revenue in the business world is not funding within this definition.
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