Value Segmentation

In an ideal world. complex things would not only appear simple, they would be.
We promote a segmentation model based on 4 discrete elements that when combined crate a distinct and unique category we call a value segment.

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The big idea here is that by combing all 4 elements, you create a single entity.
Which means that if you change any one element, you have a new thing.

This impacts sales and marketing in fundamental ways. The message to an OEM channel partner is vastly different than that of a direct sales person. Yet you often see marketing developing identical collateral for each, which tends to be a complete waste of time, money, and effort.

The offer made to each Customer type will vary, impacts pricing, messaging, and in particular sales process. If you believe one size fits all, go buy a screwdriver without specification. Phillips, Flathead, Robertson have had their way, and you have at a best a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right, assuming size does not matter as some would claim.

The value create for each entity varies as well, and for both sales and marketing purposes require a
specific value story. What is required to communicate and persuade in one market will generally be ineffective in other markets.

Yet what is common is the process of developing a value story, a message, and an approach that embraces the buyer at the level of their need. It may be Performance, Process, Product, or even Personal.

Never forget the fundamentals. they drive your entire lifecycle of success.

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