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Many remarkable solutions to the many challenges in sales have been developed over the past decade or so. Yet as “they” say, a rising tide lifts all boats. Technology adoption produces temporary gains at best as they are available to all.

An old Sicilian expression is “The Fish Stinks from the Head Down”.
The majority of sales problems start with the sales leader, and their ability to manage up, down, and at the peer level.

More marketing budget won’t solve a sales leadership problem. At best increased marketing spend will forestall the inevitable, yet not produce the sustainable results needed to grow shareholder value. VCs invest in 3 things - People, Markets, and Technology, in that order. Yet much more is spent each year on CRM, Marketing Automation, and related technologies than is invested in sales leader training, coaching, and development.
Our mission is to improve business performance by enhancing individual sales leaders capacity to achieve.

Efficient & Effective

It is far more productive to develop the sales leader than replace them.
Its true, sometimes they have to go, yet most of the time the warning signs are there that an intervention will make a difference.

The existing sales leader tends to be loyal, honest, know your customers, know management expectations, and have relationships across your company.
If you are waiting for them to change, you could be waiting a very long time, or until it really is too late.

Yet if they are destroying value faster then can be repaired, the choice is obvious. We can help replace them if thats the case, Terminating them will set a company back from 18 - 24 months, a very long time in business.

Better to provide them with some coaching, consulting, and support in effecting change to the sales organization.
We don't have all the answers.
What we do have are tools and processes to shift perspectives, improve results.

The Process

It starts with a one hour consultation to determine whether or not we can and should work together.
If we both agree that working together makes sense, together we will develop a scope of work, project plan, timeline, and financial estimate. Contact us here for more information.

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