We offer a range of services designed to help sales organizations move forward with greater certainty. We subscribe to the notion that Clarity, Focus, and Execution are fundamental to success.

Frequently the challenge is one of maintaining focus as is the case with new market entry, or even new product introduction. The existing sales team must remain focused on making plan, and giving them new ‘widgets’ to figure out how to sell, for a market within which demand is certain risks bot the present and the future. Some things are better outsources.

The same is true Channel Development and Channel Management. If its not already a core competency for your company, it might make sense to outsource, at least near term. Once its up and running the way you need, another decision to insource it, or keep it outsourced makes good sense.

There are many options, and more than one way to peel the onion.

Driving Equity Value Up

The goal of every business is to create a customer. Business must create profits and value for its stakeholders.
And frequently that means adding services to the mix. Fractional Services allow your core performers to deliver on their strengths, make their number, and make your investments pay off.
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Sales Enablement

When you think of all the elements that go into supporting the sales channels to produce and perform, as good as things are right now, what would you fix? Are things just ok, or could they be better?

Channel Development & Channel Management

For companies that need to drive revenue, profits, and market share through the indirect channels. We offer a quick start program that removes uncertainty from the process, establishes best practices, helping your partners hit the ground running in the short term.

Sales Management for Marketers

People from Marketing with both Marketing and Sales Management duties often need help getting their people onside and inline with their mandate. Coaching helps avoid problems of cadence, message, and discipline.

Value Story Copywriting

There is no doubt your company has a great story to tell, yet too often that message is lost in pretty pictures that describe what you do, yet not the value your offerings create.

Message Audit

Odds of your sales and marketing team being on the same page are not all that good. Before you can fix it, you need to understand the world as they see it, understand it, and describe it to your customers and prospects.


Whats the one thing? Your company may do many things well that can help a customer, yet there is always one thing that sets you apart from the competition. Once you know and commit to it, your branding will start to work.

Sales Playbook Design / Redesign

Getting the steps in sales playbook right makes a big difference in selling success. Sure - some people will always buy, and some will never buy, yet the majority need to be handled correctly.

Discovery Training

The discovery call is a common term for sales people, yet all to often lacks preparation, structure, objectives, and specific outcomes. The discover call is the first qualifier, and sets up the rest of the entire sale and relationship.

Value Selling Training

Once you’ve done an effective discovery, it is now possible to begin selling the value your offerings create for the customer. Not directly though, many questions and new information to be had still, and again its a structured process.

Fractional VP Sales

For business owners and private equity firms that want to:
  • increase revenue performance and equity value prior to exit
  • keep the lid on things while they complete a recruitment for a new VP Sales
  • transform their sales organization
This service is focused entirely on performance and enhancing stakeholder value.

Product Marketing Management

Most product managers are excellent at getting products developed for the launch, yet are challenged in articulating and quantifying that value for sales. The result is the launch is weak, and results slow to arrive.

Strategic Marketing

When your long term marketing strategy is based on strategic alliances, co-marketing, co-selling, R&D, and Learning Alliances, you need experienced help.

Distracting the existing sales team won’t get you where you need to be which is where we can help.