Selling Value to Executives (Zebras)

Selling higher up means selling smarter, with greater focus, and much deeper awareness of the customer.

Activity based selling is common in many companies, based on the mistaken notion that effective selling is based solely on on hard work and effort. Buying patterns have changed, market conditions have worsened in many cases, and decision authority gone north. Middle managers in many companies can buy nothing more than office supplies.

Why sell to people who cannot say yes!

We have another approach, proven, learnable, and invaluable to companies that want an unfair advantage over their competition.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to these successful business executives as they tell their story about what works, and the impact on their business.

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50% of your pipeline will NEVER close - ever!

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We help companies get the right balance of Touch, Volume, and Margin.
We help companies build Buyer Personas to drive Customer Intimacy.
We help companies use Segmentation in the Top of the Funnel.
We help focus companies on the Bottom of the Funnel.
We help build world class sales Recruiting process.
We help enable high Performance sales teams.
We help drive down the Cost of Sales.
We build Competitive Advantage.