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Building the Sales Organization

For executives and business owners trying to scale their sales organizations, there are many challenges. In some cases, the company founder is taking not he role of sales manager, which they usually are not good at. This creates many unanticipated problems typically resulting in the sales rep leaving, little to no revenue generated, and a loss of time and money for the founder.

Some will say why not hire a recruiter? Recruiters might find really good sales talent, and thats a maybe, yet they do not solve the problem of sales management and all that comes with it. Our program does.
Scaling the sales organization requires many steps most of which we detail below.
The program is designed to let you keep your momentum on track, while we get the sales organization up and running.

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Symptoms of Sales Organization Problems

Typical indicators of issues in building a successful organization are:

  • High involuntary and voluntary turnover rates
  • Hiring account managers to hunt for new clients
  • Hiring hunters that can't and won't hunt
  • Lack of productivity, activity, and profit
  • Inconsistent sales process
  • No sales process
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Lack of Predictability
  • Weak sales funnel
  • Lengthening sales cycles
  • Product Managers on every call or demo
  • Expensive Compensation without results
  • High cost of Sales
  • Shrinking Margins
  • Fewer Sole Source Contracts (asked to bid increasing)
  • More…