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Salvage operations are painful, generally too late, and represent the fulfilment of value destroying sales management failure. When your company fails, you'll be lucky to get pennies on the dollar for it, your employees will hate you, and the scars are permanent.

Painful, avoidable. Don't hesitate.

The vast majority of business failures result from poor sales leadership, strategy, and sales management. On the way to trouble it is easy to blame sales people, the competition, or product/services people. The failure to adapt and be accountable are the culprits. We can't fix the past. We will provide a future.

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Many a company has a bad patch, yet sometimes that skid turns into a landslide. The old ways no longer work, and you need to get the ship pointed in the right direction.
We start with an analysis that lets us know quickly whats working and what is not. Then we prioritize and rebuild.

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