Sales Leadership

Your entire company value depends on the quality of your Sales Leadership. These days we have many titles such as Chief Revenue Officer, VP/Director Sales, and Chief Sales Officer. They have responsibility for successfully Acquiring, Penetrating, and Retaining business. They convert something value (Offers) into Dollars, the stuff that drives company value up or down.

Much has been written about the
risks of promoting your best sales rep into a sales management role, and as has been noted many times, it rarely works out. Wrong skill set, wrong tempo, and frequently the wrong mindset. In sports, few great players become great coaches & GMs.

Transition Risk

Not changing leadership is risky.
Changing leaders is risky.
Hiring unskilled leaders is even riskier.
Avoiding risk may be impossible.
Reducing risk is not.

Tactics without Strategy are the noise before defeat.
Sun Tsu

A weak sales manager might:

  • ruin their territory
  • miss quota
  • increase churn rate
  • damage morale
  • lose a key account
yet its all quite recoverable in most cases.

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A weak VP/Director Sales can easily:

  • wreck a region, state, or company
  • do unrecoverable damage
  • drive talent away
  • damage your reputation
  • destroy company value
Its a big Financial Loss if they fail.

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Leadership Services We Offer

Leadership Training & Coaching

This is a Do It With Me (DIWM) approach to developing the sales leader.
We cover gaps in perception, priority, and practice regarding how to plan, organize, and execute the strategy. A structured approach is used to help transition the person while adding numerous options to their approaches to Sales Leadership.
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Mentoring non-Sales Business Leaders

Many business executives come up through the ranks by way of Operations, Finance, General Management, Engineering and so on. Few come up through sales, yet end up with P&L responsibility, and a sales team. Unfortunately they have no real idea what to do, what to look for, and where to find it. In fact what "it" is can be a total mystery, making it possible for their charges to underperform.
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Interim Leadership Services

We do it for you. Short term leadership assignments can get you through a pinch as you reorganize to execute a new plan. Using existing personnel can damage performance, and create friction that is simply not productive. Our service may be on a part time or fully committed basis depending on circumstances.
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Sales Leadership Recruiting

Prepare to exit Free Fall, or to enter into a coordinated attack as a Stage 4 Renaissance company. We use this term to describe the rebirth and refocusing of the sales organization. Successful transitioning sometimes requires a new approach, a new leader, some new ideas, and an injection of energy.
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Sales Leadership Interviewing I

A new to VP/Director Sales person may have an idea what they want from a sales person or a Front Line Sales Manager, yet not know how to recruit, screen, select, hire, and onboard successfully. Why would they, they've been a terrific individual contributor and never needed to know this before. Failure in this area is very expensive, and our our program will put them on the right track from day one.
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VP Sales Leadership Interview Preparation

For people in transition, who are looking for advancement, and need to sharpen up on their skills.
Maybe its a promotion, or you've been downsized, or are trying to get back in the game, whatever the case may be. Our offer is to prepare you for:

  • TopGrading Interviews
  • Deep Domain Interviews
  • Behavioural Competency Interviews
The program includes online work, mock interviews, debriefing, review, homework, and practice. The difference between getting the new leadership gig, and not getting it can be many hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions over the course of a career.
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