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Where you endup with has a lot to do with where you start

We do the heavy lifting of building the sales infrastructure you need to drive revenue, lower costs, and maintain a manageable system of growing revenue.
For companies to grow, they need sales revenue which you can only get three ways. Direct, InDirect, or E-Commerce.

The Typical Case:
Many entrepreneurs and consultants are untrained and unskilled at building a sales organization. What tends to happen is they hire someone based on a recommendation from a friend, looking to get a friend a job, someone who probably a decent chap, yet not necessarily a great fit for the role.

The hiring process often lacks structure, consistency, professionalism, and a thorough vetting of the candidate. A considerable investment of time, effort and money is made just to get someone hired.

Once hired, what follows is even worse.

Getting a new sales rep onboard with the knowledge needed takes more time away from the practice, frustrating the leader and costing them money. OnBoarding is not sales training. Its training about how to sell your stuff to your customers and prospects.

Then the new hire needs to RampUp to speed in 1 - 3 - 6 - 9 months depending on the typical sales cycle. And they are a net cost to the company until they do.

Then they need to be managed for performance against productivity metrics. Its a lot of work, with many twists and turns for a new to sales leadership person.

You could go to a recruiter, and they might find you some decent talent. Yet they won't accept responsibility for the rest, its not their job.

That's where we come in.

Typical symptoms of problems in building the sales organization include:

  • High involuntary turnover
  • High voluntary turnover
  • Hiring account managers to hunt
  • Sales people that won't hunt
  • Lack of productivity
  • Inconsistent sales process
  • No corporate sales process
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Weak Sales Funnel
  • Lengthening Sales Cycles
  • Product Managers on every call
  • Expensive Compensation package
  • High Cost of Sales
  • more…

Many an entrepreneur has struggled to build an effective sales organization. And failure is very expensive, with mediocrity a slow tepid response to that failure.
Sales is an outward facing function, and demands many counter intuitive elements to be successful. The things you want in an internal facing employee tend to produce failure in outward facing one.

We help with a series of well defined steps that save time, minimize risk, and deliver competitive advantage in short order.
If you have the budget for a grand experiment, and want the painful experience of a DIY model, have at it. Most take a Ready, Fire, Aim approach which oddly enough is not our prescription.

It pays to get it right the first time.

For companies needing to kickstart a now failing sales program, we can get you back on track with our proven approach.

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