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The Business Case

Your key assets are Time, Energy, Money, and emOtion, in that order. Weak qualification means you:

  • waste time and energy on deals that will never close
  • give away valuable free consulting
  • get frustrated when the deal evaporates
  • put cash flow at risk
  • waste time trying to close instead of prospecting new

Who is it for?
Below are 4 types of people who could benefit.

Consultants tasked with making rain tend to be at a disadvantage from a sales perspective. They know their craft, their subject matter, or domain really well. Thats what they went to school for, have studied for years, and are really good at delivering for their clients.

Yet in most cases consultants are untrained or poorly trained in the art and science of forecasting deals. They do not know enough about what to look for or where to find the information necessary to bring these deals in on time and on budget.

Its not for lack of trying. Its a learnable skill that needs support to get results.
In sales, the most important thing you can do is drive revenue. Meetings matter, and there is no end of the tyranny of the urgent. By focusing on what pays the bills for your company, department, your family, and you, success is possible,

At the end of the quarter, nobody really cares how many likes you got, how much social engagement you generated, or how tidy your desk is, you will lionized or demonized if you miss your numbers.
Qualifying and Disqualifying is the key to making plan.
You've got a team to manage. Ideally they'll manage themselves, make great decisions about what to focus on and where to spend their time. Ideally that is…which happens when?
The trick is to find the trouble ASAP, then work with the rep to fix the problems before they really do become a problem. Most sales people are pretty good at Opportunity and Solutions qualification, then performance drops off when it comes to Relationship, Decisions, Timing, and Competition.

You can fix it - we'll show you how.
Business owners with sales people that qualify poorly and waste time impact their growth rate.
So what?
Lower growth rate damages business equity value, impacts working capital, profits, and increases expenses across the board.
A small improvement in close rate impacts your business value immediately. You spend precious dollars on marketing, and if your sales people don't qualify and close, its all lost revenue. Its a core competency. Many people blame poor closing skills. Its not - the problem is qualification.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is:
Working with an individual to close the gap between current and desired performance.
It requires 4 things:

  1. Identification of the specific areas to be coached
  2. Performance levels are measurable and measured
  3. Real Life situations are used
  4. Coaching is carried out in real time

What to Coach?

Barry Trailer of CSOInsights said it best when he said: "Without real measures and metrics, sales managers are like a track coach who only has final results available.

About all the coach can do in this case is implore the team members ti "RUN FASTER, TRY HARDER. Hardly insightful stuff". The sale manager needs to know what aspects of the sale to provide coaching advice and guidance.


We provide you with software, the setup, and basic orientation and training for you to get up and running quickly.

Self discipline needed.


We work with you by providing training, software, and coaching.

Approximately 4 hours per sales person per month.

Or we work with the sales manager to help their team.


We work with your entire sales and consulting team, including your managing director or sales manager, as well as the sales team.

This includes training, software, consulting, coaching, and course correction as needed to deliver desired results.

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