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Distribution channels are at the heart of the majority of money making operations. Develop some IP, figure out how to build it, and get the ‘stuff’ to market. Direct works well for the readily addressable market, with many options remaining for InDirect approaches to creating value for customers beyond your immediate reach.

Done right, Distribution channels are one source of Competitive Advantage for your company. No balance sheet risk, little to no P&L risk, and significant leverage from sufficient investment. The keyword is sufficient, enough to achieve the quality and volume predicted and committed to in the annual plan.

Unfortunately most channel programs lack transparency except for the pass/fail number every interval on performance. The implications are not good for companies that care about measuring contextual elements regarding digital marketing assets, channel engagement, process quality, and channel investment yield. The binary is easy, the why of it requires feedback.

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Partner portals are not a new concept, and in fact have been around for decades.

Many are old, dated, unsuited for Inbound Marketing, are expensive to maintain, and pose security risks. Others just don’t work very well.

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Partner Portal Information.

Ideally partner web sites are Lead Capture websites. At best they will favour your brand, have great structure for SEO, make great use of brand relevant key words, make it easy to get found, and capture leads when they do.

We provide a service where you (the brand) can assist your channel partners in building an effective web presence.
Click here for more info on helping your channel partners get a high powered lead capture business builder web site.

For companies with extensive Sales Agent networks, microsite work best. Properly geocoded, they enable high performance local search in a mobile setting. Click here to learn more about Partner Microsite Programs.

Its not that the big eat the small, its that the fast eat the slow!
Adam Morgan: Eating the Big Fish
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