5 Year Stroke Anniversary

Today is May 5th, 2017.
Five (5) years ago today, I had the the first of 2 strokes that completely altered the trajectory of my life.

The New DS Blog

Today is day 1 of the new improved DeliberateSelling Blog.
What makes it improved?
Better layout, use of imagery, social sharing, email, discussions via Disqus, and a regimented approach to open ended conversations with interested people on topics relevant to Sales Management.
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Coffee is for Closers...

Have you ever noticed how many sales hiring ads avoid the word "Sell"?

The ads read like "Develop", "Build", "Interact " and "Engage". Ads using these words avoid the word Sell as if its the plague.

The authors seem to think that Sales is a Dirty Word, although I wonder if they know where their paycheques come from.
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A Simple Concept for a Simple Time

For many in sales and marketing, a basic tool has been the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Sounds simple, and it is.
Problem is that it doesn't work in a complicated and increasingly complex world. Not in most cases anyways…
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