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Partner Relationship Management

Distribution channels are at the heart of the majority of money making operations. Develop some IP, figure out how to build it, and get the ‘stuff’ to market. Direct works well for the readily addressable market, with many options remaining for InDirect approaches to creating value for customers beyond your immediate reach.

Done right, Distribution channels are one source of Competitive Advantage for your company. No balance sheet risk, little to no P&L risk, and significant leverage from sufficient investment. The keyword is sufficient, enough to achieve the quality and volume predicted and committed to in the annual plan.

Unfortunately most channel programs lack transparency except for the pass/fail number every interval on performance. The implications are not good for companies that care about measuring contextual elements regarding digital marketing assets, channel engagement, process quality, and channel investment yield. The binary is easy, the why of it requires feedback.
Its not that the big eat the small, its that the fast eat the slow!
Adam Morgan: Eating the Big Fish
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Channel Challenges

There are so many potential sources of friction that impact channel performance it would be foolish to even try. Yet no one has all of them. Most problems stem from an initial design that’s been outgrown by volume, complexity, or a rapidly changing ecosystem of partners and marketplaces. Inevitably this impact Yield, ROI, Adaptiveness, Speed, and Predictability. If this looks like it is relevant to you, consider taking our Channel Ready Survey on a following page.

Channel Challenges you may be experiencing.

  • Too few partners
  • Too many partners
  • The wrong partners
  • Long RampUp times
  • Expensive RampUp Process
  • System complexity
  • Expensive systems
  • Too much effort
  • Inflexible, UnChangeable
  • UnTrackable Performance
  • Low Channel Mindshare
  • No idea what partner needs to succeed
  • Underperforming partners
  • UnPredictable partners
  • High Partner Churn Rate
  • Expensive Channel Marketing
  • Software Not Mobile
  • Training is Slow
  • Slow Untimely Reports
  • Missing Data
  • Wrong Information
  • Weak Reporting
Multiple distribution channels are essential for most businesses to achieve growth targets.

Indirect channels offer the benefit of partially dedicated sales resources that are not on your payroll. Sounds great in theory, yet acquiring and maintaining mindshare is critical in achieving channel business objectives.

Marketing wants control over their brand assets at all times, and PRM solutions that use indirect techniques are at the forefront of industry best practices.

Are you Ready for InDirect Sales?

These are some of the qualities of a competent channel program.

Partner registration and onboarding manage the process and workflow of signing up and certifying new partners.

Organizational structure management – manage access to information through organizational hierarchy and user profiles.

Deal registration and lead management – allow partners to register deals and manage a bi-directional flow of leads.

Training and certification – manage all live and online training; establish and track certifications.

Content management – manage all forms of content in one database. Make sure the right people get the right content.

Partner marketing automation – provide tools to partners so that they can market effectively.

Reporting – Measure and track key performance indicators at all levels in the channel.

Make it easy for your partners to sell for you. Mobile-first, easy-to-use capability is directly related to sales success.

Map the DNA of your channel. Know who works in your channel and their relationship to the customer at all times.

Deliver the right content at the right time. Targeted sales/marketing/training content delivered to the right audience.

Consolidate data sources for improved decision making. Real-time KPIs support better decisions throughout the channel.

Foster collaboration and improved feedback. Gain customer insight and share best practices for continuous improvement.

Scale to meet the ongoing needs as your channel evolves. Avoid costly system changes when you’re growing in the future.

Align business objectives. Provide channel partners with opportunity to grow their business. In turn, grow yours.
We help companies get the right balance of Touch, Volume, and Margin.
We help companies build Buyer Personas to drive Customer Intimacy.
We help companies use Segmentation in the Top of the Funnel.
We help focus companies on the Bottom of the Funnel.
We help build world class sales Recruiting process.
We help enable high Performance sales teams.
We help drive down the Cost of Sales.
We build Competitive Advantage.