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What if you increased deal size?

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What if you shortened the sales cycle?

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What if you reached the Executive early?

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What if you closed 85% of your funnel?

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How would that change things?

Selling to Executives

Activity Based Selling Sucks!

No - really it does.
It literally sucks the life out of you, your sales team, and eventually your company.

You invest increasing amounts of resources getting in line with 200 other vendors all with shiny new objects and fantastic marketing material. Welcome to yet another bakeoff, with more BS about consensus decision making (by people who can’t write a cheque!), sharpening your pencil, nothing but demos, delays, and denials.

Then finally - the dreaded NoDecision.
When you sell like a newbie, this is what you can expect. You’ve got 3 choices: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way. If you prefer to read rather than watch, goto our white paper page right here.
Selling higher up means selling smarter, with greater focus, and much deeper awareness of the customer.

Activity based selling is common in many companies, based on the mistaken notion that effective selling is based solely on on hard work and effort. Buying patterns have changed, market conditions have worsened in many cases, and decision authority gone north. Middle managers in many companies can buy nothing more than office supplies.

Why sell to people who cannot say yes!

We have another approach, proven, learnable, and invaluable to companies that want an unfair advantage over their competition.But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to these successful business executives as they tell their story about what works, and the impact on their business.
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If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.
Holden, Insurance Giant, 1950s

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Longer Sales Cycles

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Poor Quality Prospects

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Heavy Discounting

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Trouble Competing

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Middle Management

  • Gain Consensus
  • Study Everything
  • Avoid risk
  • Reduce solution options to commodity status
  • Conduct bake-offs, tests, pilots without commitment
  • Like to be sold
  • Negotiate price/features and functions

Executive Leadership

  • Make decisions
  • Do not do studies
  • Prudently take risks on order of magnitude value
  • Conduct buying cycles
  • Like to Buy
  • Talk Value
  • Like to be challenged

Increased Deal Size

Executives and Business Leaders are interested in corporate performance at all times. They can buy without budget because they can get budget for things that move the needle for the company.

In other words, if the ‘investment’ has more merit than others, it will happen. Penny pinching won’t help them. Increased value will, which is why the margins are better if the plan is adopted.

Shorter Buying Cycles

Sales (buying) cycles are taking more time than ever before. The principle reason is risk avoidance by people making evaluations they’ve never made before with more information available than ever. Analysis leads to paralysis, and more frequently the dreaded NoDecision.

By starting high, and setting the Value Based Buying Vision, time to value is reduced as the cost of doing nothing is realized.

Improved Close Rates

90% Close Rate is your Goal.

It is very achievable if you sell high enough, quit selling to tire kickers, and focus on your prospects instead of mindless activities.
Here are 2 important stats.
  • 85% of your funnel will not close in the predicted quarter, or for the amount predicted.
  • 50% of your funnel will never close at all
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