Why Listen?

Most sales problems are NOT caused by a lack of effort. Most are the result of sales management getting out of step with the market, falling behind on trends, and simply not adapting.
InBound Marketing can help to a point, while sales needs to conduct business at the executive level.

Few do Inbound well enough to succeed at it, and just as few sell proactively at the executive level.
You probably won't either.

Why Listen? Perspective. Experience. Creative Thinking. Innovation. Frameworks. Fundamentals. Methods. Models.

Why Care?

You need results now. And you cannot afford to mount another useless Inbound Marketing campaign followed by 6 months of chasing your tail. Demo after demo after demo. Then proposals to people incapable of saying yes.
Then the big let down. If thats working for you, keep doing it. If not, we can help.

Why Change?

Its fairly simple. What you are doing is not working. Check your margins - probably getting squeezed. Sales cycles are getting longer. NoDecision rate going up. Cost Per Order Dollar (CPOD) going up. Revenue curve is flat, and you have more competitors than ever. If this is you, we'll help you fix it. If you do not want this to become you, we can help. If this is okay, and you'd rather die than change, then were fine with that too.

Why Now?

Competition for mindshare is only getting worse. You need to stop wasting resources on tire kickers and interested people, and tell the people that care that you mean business, that you can solve their critical business problems in your domain, and demonstrate the value the makes you worth having around. Most decision makers have never heard of you. A better marketing campaign won't fix that any time soon. Do the calculations your self. If the problem costs you $200K/mo, what's the value of 3 months?

Why Us?

We are old school.
Technology is amazing for marketing in terms of Reach, Frequency, and Volume. Social Media is all about Promotion, and that might be enough.

We believe that sales involves Intuition, Emotion, Intellect, and the Physical.
We don't believe the 57% of the decision has been made by the time buyers contact you.

We do believe you should contact buyers,
We believe that most sales problems start with sales management.

We believe in Fundamentals before all.

Increased Deal Size

Shorter Buying Cycles

Improved Close Rates

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Value Segmentation

In an ideal world. complex things would not only appear simple, they would be.
We promote a segmentation model based on 4 discrete elements that when combined crate a distinct and unique category we call a value segment.

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